Anyone who knows Kelly knows he loves Halloween, but he didn’t usually pull his costume together until the day of whatever party we were going to. One year we were going to a party at a mutual friend’s house, and need a costume quickly.  I found mine first, the Queen of Hearts, a velvety dress and a Dollar Store crown – done.  So, he HAD to be the Madhatter (we both agreed that was a must, we need to be a pair), we spent hours longer finding the hat and wig, adding a crazy coat, a tea cup, and a scarf from Value Village, and I then did his make up and my own pre-party. Finally done!

We arrived at the party, and everyone was so impressed with Kelly’s costume (and mine as well), but they LOVED the teacup, which he broke in the second hour. It was time for the “best costume award”, and there were three nominees Hal and Joann McCleod, Angelina Jolie, and….the MADHATTER! On his own, not as a pair, just him. Aaaaaaannnnndddd….he won, by himself. I’m not bitter. Furthermore, despite knowing all the hard work I put into his costume, he proudly displayed his “costume trophy” FOR YEARS to come. Seriously!

Lesson for me: don’t take your self too seriously.
Lesson for Kelly: Continue to be awesome.



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